DeXiTroN (SA)

✪ DEXITRON (LIVE PA) (SA) – Mangled Wreck Chords

DeXiTroN brings you Hard House Music from RAdelaide Australia, with a totally twisted edge to it. Featuring real chunky Hard House Bass Lines and homemade synths that make dexi’s music stand out from the crowd.

When you see DeXiTroN in action, you get a Live Hard House show using an Akai APC40, Edirol PCR300, Ableton Live 8 and Novation Launchpad. All music is improvised and made on the fly, so no two live sets are the same!

His shows are funky, fresh, energetic and exciting… you cannot give enough superlatives to say how great this guy is!

With releases on Metamorph Records (UK), Fireball Recordings (UK), Digital Damage, Renewable NRG (Aussie), Spin Hard Records (UK), Beat Ranch (Canada), Encore Hard, Volatile Records (SA), Hard Hittin Digital (Ireland), Slave 7 (UK), Killertrax Collective (UK), and Hard Underground Music (UK) his web or killa tunes circles the globe!

And check his sounds out online here:

Also download a free full length DeXiTroN Production Showcase Mix here:


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