Paul Robertson (UK)

‘Sylo’ – Paul Robertson’s recent track with Nick Sentience released on Night Vision, has received support and rave review from heavy-hitters such as Armin van Buuren, Simon Patterson, Sean Tyas, Mark Sherry and John O’Callaghan. Was number 1 in the TrackItDown Trance chat. Earlier forays in to the world of production resulted in a Beatport number 1 with ‘Keep Coming’ on Addiction Digital and on Traffic Records, the monstrous ‘Texas Saw Bass Massacre’ received huge acclaim and was featured as Mixmag’s track of the month and on a number of compilation albums.

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A DJ career spinning more than a decade has seen guest-slots at Ministry of Sound, Shepherd’s Bush Empire, the legendary KoKo & The Fridge, a number of outdoor festivals. Internationally, four seasons in Ibiza culminating with a huge gig supporting The Tidy Boys at Extreme Euphoria in Es Paradis, playing alongside Fergie (of BBC Radio 1 fame) on the Heat boat-cruise to Germany and guest appearances in Holland, Spain, Thailand and most recently the Burning Man Festival in Perth on New Year’s Eve 2011. Previous guest-slots include Tidy, Extreme Euphoria, Polysexual South, Innovate and Heat UK to name a few.

Some DJ’s play, others entertain, very few have that innate understanding of what works on the dance-floor, an ability to read the crowd. Paul Robertson, Londoner born and bred, honed his skills as a clubber first and foremost and has taken that passion for uplifting, hedonistic, driving and emotive dance-music with him in to the DJ-box. A perennial entertainer and a consummate technician, Paul is respected by both clubbers and his peers alike for his ability to build his sets to monumental crescendos, absolutely destroying the dance-floor in the process.


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