Robbie Muir (UK)

Tidy Trax / Vicious Circle / Fireball / Immuir Records

Robbie Muir is one of the top UK producer DJ’s of recent times, having tracks released on Tidy, Vicious, Toolbox, Fireball, Flashpoint, Storm, Kaktai and of course his own label Immuir to name a few, you are sure to hear his stuff at any hard house night.

He recently left the UK and joined us in Australia where he is currently building up enough studio gear to get back in the game. Robbie’s music career started in 1996 and after completing a HND in music production went on to become a very important part of the UK hard house sound.

He played regularly for some of the UK’s biggest nights before leaving the UK and was named by The Tidy Boys as a future legend one to watch. Robbie’s varying styles and top class production are what makes him stand out from the rest.

His mixing and presence behind the decks exude energy and excitement. Electrified you are in for one hell of a ride!

Check out his beats & mixes here:

Robbie Muir’s Youtube Video’s & Music:

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