Terrence & Phillip

Brother duo Tez & Phill Bewsey burst onto the Perth Drum & Bass scene late 2011 early 2012 when their energetic style of Dj’ing was enough to take winning postion at the Heavy Weight Soundz Dj completion presented by Loaded Dice in January, giving them the honer to play along side the one and only, the man that is Drum & Bass Mr. Andy (The Executioner) C.

Terrence & Phillip style of DJ’ing is quite unique and is visibly comparable to that of Camo & Krooked who don’t mix Back 2 Back but rather intertwine and merge as a side by side mixing duo. Their contrasting style of merging techstep, neurofunk and jumpup genres across three turntables is nothing other than exceptional.

With some serious drive and countless hours being spent in the studio expect big things from these two in the future.


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