Voltron is the creative partnership of Ross Bradley (aka DJ Conxept) and Reece Mercadante (aka DJ Sempy). Born and bred in Perth’s thriving drum & bass scene both are established and respected DJs in their own right, having supported almost every international artist to tour Australia over the years.

Sharing the same influences and musical direction, it was only natural that these long-time friends team up and turn their attention to production. Refusing to be confined by only one genre, Voltron seamlessly break-down rules and barriers merging the darkest and most energetic elements of drum & bass, dubstep, electro and breaks, combining to form their aggressive vision of what they think bass music should be.

In a short space of time Voltron has already turned the heads of several artists and labels and their fast and furious future-thinking DJ sets have firmly established them as one of Australia’s most entertaining acts to watch live. If you haven’t heard of Voltron yet then you will soon… watch this space.


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